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Hatha yoga is a fundamental base for other yogas. The techniques of hatha yoga act on body and energy to ensure that our vehicule is in working order.

Definition of hatha yoga

Hatha yoga can be defined as union of the sun and the moon, i. e. the physical and mental energies, prana shakti and chitta shakti. The basic principle of hatha yoga is harmonisation of this dual energy which governs the functioning of the physical body and its organs, as well as our mental activities, reactions and moods. Hatha yoga deals with these energies through the swaras, the flow of breath in the nostrils, and through the two major nadis, ida and pingala, the energy channels corresponding to the right and left nostrils, the right and left halves of the body and the two hemispheres of the brain. When a permanent balance is reached in this polarity of energy, a third force dawns which is known as atma shakti or kundalini shakti. This spiritual force is very mighty and body and mind need a proper preparation to support the awakening of this inner potential.

The aims of hatha yoga

The most obvious action of hatha yoga is to restore and maintain good health, by re-establishing the fundamental balance in the physical and energetic framework and by avoiding the illness factors, mainly disturbances, blockages and decreases in the flow of prana shakti, the vital energy. With hatha yoga, we also influence the mental realm because a healthy and quiet body has a somato-psychic effect, it reduces dissipations, conflicts, lack of confidence existing in the mind.
Hatha yoga comprises :
asanas or postures, pranayama or breathing practises, shatkarmas or cleansing exercises, bandhas or energy locks, mudras or somato-psychic gestures.
In the past, hatha yoga was mainly consisting of the shat karmas, the yogic cleansings, but gradually, this discipline extended to encompass different types of postures and other various techniques. Hatha yoga is considered as a preparation and a complement to raja yoga and kundalini yoga.

Principles of hatha yoga

Hatha yoga must be practised with relaxation and awareness. The breath and the control of the respiratory system play an important role in hatha yoga, because they allow to set a bridge between body and mind. Self awareness while performing the exercises is another fundamental aspect which guarantees to practise without automatism, respecting the individual abilities of the present time.
In the yoga centre of Aube, hatha yoga is part of the sadhana every morning. It is also systematically taught during yoga stays and is associated to each and every courses, seminars and trainings of Satyananda Yoga.